Trusted Food Supplier


Trusted Food Supplier

Eggs and egg products

Trusted Food Supplier

Milk and dairy products

Trusted Food Supplier

Frozen Vegetables and Fruits

Trusted Food Supplier

Dried Vegetables and Fruits

Service - Beef Meat

Beef Meat

Service - Poultry Meat

Poultry Meat

Service - Eggs


Service - Dairy products

Dairy products

Service - Oils


Service - Peeled Vegetables

Peeled Vegetables

Service - Frozen Vegetables and Fruits

Frozen Vegetables and Fruits

Service - Dried Vegetables and Fruits

Dried Vegetables and Fruits

Service - Grains | Nuts | Rice | Flour

Grains | Nuts | Rice | Flour

Service - Bio



The area of our sales and trade cooperation includes:

EUROPA: Austria, France, Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Italy,
Lithuania, Latvia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary,
Great Britain, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland
and Russia, Belarus and Ukraine

 ASIA: United Arab Emirates, Iran, Saudi Arabia,
Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan,
Turkey, China

AFRICA: Egypt, Morocco


When we execute orders, we select the most effective logistic solutions to guarantee that the transported products are delivered safely to their destination. Our food is transported both by road, sea and air.
We support our customers in preparation of necessary documents, we handle all formalities and arrangements with custom offices.